Meditation & Mindfulness



Finding some silence and stillness in our everyday lives can be extremely powerful.

There are many different reasons for practicing meditation and mindfulness, which include improved health, deeper relaxation, greater creativity, getting to know yourself better and connecting with your higher self.  These benefits are well-researched and scientifically-proven and relaxation is known to be one of the most effective antidotes to stress.

More and more people are adding some form of meditation or mindfulness practice to their daily routine for simple relaxation and stress-relief or as a means to achieving a deeper communication with themselves.  As the benefits are now better understood, increasingly these valuable practices are being applied across lots of different areas.  In the USA, universities, organisations and schools are now including forms of this in the workplace and classroom.

In this workshop you’ll gain a good understanding of meditation and mindfulness and learn more about the purpose and benefits. You’ll also have the opportunity to try different techniques.  This will enable you to start your own practice for a calmer, more relaxed mind and way of being.

This workshop can be run as described or tailored to meet the specific needs of a group. In addition a 8 week programme of Relaxation, Mindfulness & Meditation can be run.

Please contact Yvonne to discuss your requirements.