What will you do with your one,
wild, precious life?



Do you know what you want? Is life just passing you by?

In this positive and inspiring workshop, you’ll explore and use the power of your imagination to create more of what you want for yourself and your life.

Using proven and powerful creative visualisation techniques, you’ll do this in a relaxed way and begin to take steps to move towards that. You’ll create visual boards using magazine cuttings (no artistic skills required) and explore your feelings of where you are now and what you may want (and don’t worry if you don’t yet know this).  These images fuel the process of achieving your goals, dreams and aspirations.  This technique can be used on an on-going basis, for all areas of your life.  It’s easy, fun, meaningful and highly effective.

Everyone is always amazed at what comes out of this work, both during the workshop and in the future.  It’s a very inspiring workshop, which can be the start of some very positive changes. Yvonne particularly loves this way of working; it’s always very special.

This workshop is great for people who are either going through change, want to make changes, looking for direction, feeling stuck or just know that this isn’t how they want life to be.

Workshops take place in relaxing locations. Groups are small and supportive.

This workshop can be run as described or tailored to meet the specific needs of a group.

Please contact Yvonne to discuss your requirements.