How NLP Works

Your unconscious mind is the part of your mind that really motivates you and makes decisions for you. So, it is at the level of the unconscious mind that change needs to take place. Access to the unconscious mind is gained through a relaxed state which is achieved conversationally and through building rapport in a relaxed and open way.

Questions and your responses, allow us to explore your way of thinking (ie. ‘your map of the world’), identify what you want, what is stopping you and what is ‘really’ behind some of your behaviours. This also reveals your belief systems and highest values. Attention is paid to what you say and how you say it, to uncover patterns and the programmes you may be running. From this we can identify what needs to change.

Different NLP exercises may be used to introduce new thought processes, change patterns of thinking or initiate new behaviours to help widen your boundaries and territories. This is all done in an informal way with open dialogue. You may be given a few tasks to take away and practice. This will help you become accustomed to any new techniques and practise any new behaviours. Although the main neurological changes will occur during the session itself, they may need to settle in and develop as you get back into the routine of your life.

NLP is so effective because it works on finding solutions rather than analysing causes; it is about adding choices and widening perceptions not about dwelling for too long on the problems. NLP aims for practical application and results.