Managing Christmas

Yvonne has created a series of NLP & Health workshops focused on different aspects of health and how NLP can help. Christmas is often full of mixed emotions and potentially stressful situations; lack of time, financial burdens, family tension and over-indulgence on top of normal workloads and regular commitments. You could be forgiven for forgetting what the season is supposed to be about and it can be hard to focus on the things that matter like meaning, friendships, love, gratitude, peace and joy. It's no coincidence that people often come down with a cold or flu just after the festivities. Proof that even festive demands create stress on the mind and body.

By understanding more about the way your mind and body copes with stress, you'll be better able to use strategies designed to help you get the best out of the season.

In this workshop, you'll have time to stop, reflect and think about how you would like the season to be.

Using NLP techniques, you will:

  • Recognise your holiday/season triggers

  • Understand ways stress can manifest itself particularly at this time of the year

  • Learn how to listen to your body

  • Identify ways to build resiliency for you to enjoy the season

  • Create and visualise an outcome you would like

  • Receive tips and remind yourself of what's important

Chances are you'll leave feeling more positive, prepared and empowered for a better Christmas.  This workshop promises to fun and informative.  Also includes a special relaxation exercise for the festive season.

Includes light refreshments.


Saturday 16 November 2019
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Charing Surgery, Kent
£45 each
Charing Surgery, 1 Surgery Close,
Charing TN27 0AW
In the Surgery Car Park.
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