Workshops for Organisations



Whether you’d like to look at better ways of working together, creating plans for the future or making some improvements, Yvonne can work with you and your teams in a refreshing way. Yvonne uses NLP and coaching techniques, creative visualisation exercises and relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques to allow individuals and teams to explore different areas.

Workshops are tailor-made to suit your business and specific requirements and could cover any number of topics around direction, strategy, goals, managing change, stress management, time management, communication, balancing work and personal life and more.  Depending on the topic, workshops can be run as a one time event or a programme.

Away from your normal working environment, your mind will be in a different state and you’ll be able to look at things differently. You and your teams will leave feeling inspired, with some new ideas, possibly from a different perspective and some plans to move forward.

Please contact Yvonne to discuss your requirements.