life of its own…

I aim to inspire, provoke and build community, ultimately touching the heart with the projects and activities I get involved with igniting transformation for the greater good and wellbeing.

Wise & Beautiful Lulu

Lulu, serendipitously came into my life, and became another of my therapy dogs, bringing her wisdom, guidance and beautiful soul to my life, client sessions, and who touched many lives. When I first saw Lulu, words with her picture said ‘All dogs want is to love us and us to love them right back’. Thank you for all your love. July 2021.

On a Mission…

Together with fellow NLP’ers; David Maddams, Tasha Thor-Straten and Jane Iskander, we co-founded the NLP for Health project, supported by ANLP, to give GP Practices in the UK access to NLP Professionals. Our vision is to see more happy, healthy and smiley faces which we know can happen when you encounter NLP. Feb 2021.

Covid-19 Support

Meditation recording released in support of these times and the bigger picture. A simple, yet powerful meditation often used with clients. Launched for Free or donations welcome in support of animal and environmental charities. Oct 2020

Celebrating 5 Years

…of the Gardening Group at Charing Surgery. This beautiful and therapeutic space made possible by patients of the surgery gardening for health and wellbeing and an abundance of community involvement. From people offering words of appreciation and support to donations of plants, cuttings and even alpaca poo to fertilise the soil. Everyone gets so much out of it!  Jan 2020.

Welcome Little Bear

A new furry member of my family, team, and practice; clever and oh so cute friend. Animals and their ‘ability to connect without words’ are an important part of my world and special part of my practice. Dogs can create a calm, safe and peaceful environment during sessions which can be hugely beneficial for many reasons. Feb 2020.

Boxing Day Bliss

… as these rescued pigs get brushed and massaged, bringing happiness and big smiles to them and us. We all left with an emotional feel-good factor that naturally accompanies doing good, just one of the many benefits of volunteering. Christmas at the Animal Retreat, High Halden. Dec 2019.

For the Greater Good

Launch of the first workshop promoting the many benefits of volunteering. There are so many benefits, more than may be realised. Here a day of clearing out the horse yard and goats and sheep barn at the Animal Retreat, High Halden. July 2019.

Thank you North!

For your amazing presence and gentleness. For being an amazing friend and therapy dog. And for always being there for me, and clients too. Therapy dogs are good for mind, body and soul and sometimes known as ‘comfort dogs’. June 2019.

Charing Surgery!

Finalist of the NLP & Health Awards 2018. Nominated for embracing NLP and recognising the value and benefits it can bring to patients and the practice. May 2018

Blooming great!

Launch of first experiential workshop with wonderful and inspiring talk with Jen & Bek, owners of Blooming Green, about how they followed their hearts and created a beautiful organic flower plot in Kent. June 2017.

Kindness pays

Pay It Forward cards handed out at Charing village summer fete, as part of the Live Well Love Life project – promoting random acts of kindness and its benefits on health and wellbeing. June 2016.

Transformation All Round

Two pilot Relaxation Mindfulness Meditation programmes launched at Charing Surgery who recognised the value these complementary practices could bring to patients. The pilots raised £1500 for Canine Partners whose amazing dogs transform lives and were a perfect fit because of its work with animals and people therapeutically. Sept 2015

Gold Award Winners!

The Gardening Group at Charing Surgery receive a Gold Access Award from Ashford Access Group in recognition of the projects commitment at planning stage to ensure accessibility for all abilities. Many other awards, positive press and radio coverage also received for this inspiring project. July 2015.

Cutting the Ribbon

Launch of the Gardening Group at Charing Surgery providing a therapeutic environment for patients to garden together for health and wellbeing and a relaxing space for staff and patients to enjoy. I was proud to be able to bring my project management and NLP skills to the team and project to make this exciting venture happen. July 2015.

Beloved Juice

My first therapy (PAT) dog who really opened me up to the wisdom and insights that animals have to offer us, how their presence can touch us deeply, what we can learn from them…and how spiritual and sensitive they are. Thank you for your amazing presence, heart and soul, which touched me and many others deeply. You set many free. June 2013.

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