How NLP can help...

NLP is used extensively and successfully in many different fields such as personal development, health, business, sport and education. Because it can be used both remedially and generatively, it has the power to resolve existing problems as well as enabling positive change, beyond the initial problem. It is perfectly suited for adults, children and organisations.

Simply put, NLP is a way to understand how you think, influence and change. The main benefit of NLP is not that you can remember particular techniques, although these are highly beneficial, but that through NLP you can move towards the goals that are important to you in life. It enables you to tap into resources you never realised you had and can also help you to communicate, connect with and influence others – vital skills in all walks of life.

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Design your life – knowing what you want in any area of your life and becoming clear about your goals is a fundamental life-skill shared by all successful people.

How NLP works

Your unconscious mind is the part of your mind that really motivates you and makes decisions for you. So, it is at the level of the unconscious mind that change needs to take place. Access to the unconscious mind is gained through a relaxed state which is achieved conversationally and through building rapport in a relaxed and open way.

Questions and your responses, allow us to explore your way of thinking (ie. ‘your map of the world’), identify what you want, what is stopping you and what is ‘really’ behind some of your behaviours. This also reveals your belief systems and highest values. Attention is paid to what you say and how you say it, to uncover patterns and the programmes you may be running. From this we can identify what needs to change.

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How an NLP Coach can help

Many people go through life realising only a part of their potential, but sensing they are capable of far more. An NLP Coach can assist you in being more of who you can be and free you up from the things that hold you back. They will keep you focused on a vision of long-term excellence in your life and support you through the process of getting there. In this way a coach can add incredible value.

More and more, it is recognised that we have the resources we need within us, but may be unaware of this or don’t know how to access them – a NLP Coach will facilitate this process. Individuals who work with a coach are known to be more effective at work and in relationships, improving their lives as a whole, while professionals who work with a coach can often command higher salaries and are far more successful.

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