my story…

I just want to be happy was a deep recurring feeling of mine. I had often felt very unhappy inside and had feelings I couldn’t really understand despite having so many things on the surface.

I really wanted to be happy and didn’t know how. For many years I felt stuck, lonely, sad, confused, teary, angry and in pain. There was a loneliness in my heart, in my bones – and I often felt low/depressed.

I had failed personal relationships and difficult family relationships. There was a lot of emotional pain. I felt I had a lot to give but wasn’t clear about getting there despite having done a lot of traditional therapy and read a lot of books trying to find answers.

Amongst all of this I also knew I had a lot of love and support around me. I was always good at my work and had a lot of fun as well. I had many good friends and deep relationships, a good family, and lots of material things which added to the confusion.

I stayed in painful relationships far too long. I didn’t know how to get out of a situation or how to confront a situation. I gave too much of myself and wasn’t happy with myself. I was disconnected.

My dogs were always my companions, I felt understood and loved by them.

After a second life crash…I had had enough. I thought ‘No more. I can’t do this anymore’. I went back to see an NLP Coach who had been recommended to me 3 years earlier. I worked with her and wanted to know more about NLP and studied that too.

I firmly decided to stop what I had been doing and go down another path. I was serious about making changes and was consistent and disciplined. I did NLP, had one to one coaching, discovered meditation and created a strong circle of support. I was dedicated and totally committed to changing my life in all aspects but it started with my focus on my health & wellbeing; my mind, body and spirit.

My Coach helped me understand my patterns of thinking and what was happening, address the situations I hadn’t been able to address, and confront people I wasn’t able to confront. Through NLP I took ownership for my state and life and created a peaceful state. I learnt how to change. I learnt how to be happy and become happy. I learnt to forgive and overcome fears. I changed my life one step at a time. I felt peaceful. I had wings. I confronted situations and said things that I had never dared to before. I began to feel free….full of possibilities. Most importantly, I learnt how to have a loving relationship with myself.

The whole journey continues to unfold. I sailed through happiness and reached contentment. I experienced feelings I never realised existed. It’s been life changing; life enhancing. I’m happy. It has exceeded my expectations and gone way beyond what I thought I was looking for.

I now use NLP to support my clients on their own journeys, feel very privileged to be able to do that and I can understand the purpose of the pain I went through.

My strong and powerful relationship with dogs has stayed with me and is very much part of what I share with others, personally and professionally.

I still continue and enjoy learning about myself and developing.

I am very grateful to all the people who have been and are part of my journey. You have allowed me to become the person I am today and I, thank you.