What is NLP?

In essence, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a practical, positive and proactive psychology that looks at the way our mind and body works together. Mind and body are inextricably linked – what happens in the mind, manifests in the body and vice-versa. Every thought we have has a direct impact on our feelings and behaviours and in turn, naturally influences our experiences and the results we get, or don’t get.

Neuro refers to our minds and how we think, its connection to and communication with ourselves.

Linguistic is the language in which we communicate, verbal and non-verbal and how we make sense of our world.

Programming relates to the way in which our experiences, beliefs and behaviours, over time, create our own unique programme.

NLP is a logical system that helps you to understand how the mind works and allows you to change your way of thinking. It is this change in the way that you think which allows you to make dramatic shifts in your physical and emotional states and affects the results you get. This process can be incredibly profound; when you realise that you can make these changes for yourself and realise your full potential.

This powerful methodology has rapidly asserted itself as a major force in ‘psychological-thinking’. It is used and taught across many sectors of commerce, teaching, sport and the communications industry and is incredibly useful for day-to-day life. The results of properly applying NLP to your daily existence can be transformational and significant. However, the underlying principles and techniques of NLP are quite simple in essence, and are based on identifying and modelling how ‘successful’ people operate. The measure of ‘success’ in this case, extends to self-confidence and self-assurance in our relationships, career and financial rewards as well as happiness and contentment throughout our lives.