Things that make you feel good, inspire you or stir something deep inside can have a profound effect. Even small things can make a big difference. So, wherever you are be sure to surround yourself with good and positive things. Inspiration can be found in many different places. Here are some of Yvonne’s tips and personal favourites.

  • © Douglas Wilson
  • Caine’s Cardboard Arcade Checkout this short film about a 9 year old boy who was following his dreams when one day his path crossed with a kind filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick who was looking for a car door handle. Very likely to bring a tear to your eye!

    © Team Caine
  • Hanging out with a mate
    is always a nice thing to do!

  • Poetry talks to us deeply.
    It connects us and helps
    us feel understood.

    This is an extract from
    a great poem,
    The Guest House by Rumi.

  • Knock Knock This 3 minute absolutely
    brilliant recital by Daniel Beaty
    on parenthood sends tingles
    through my body every time
    I listen to it. Perfect.

    © Daniel Beaty
  • Words can be a great comfort
    as they accompany us
    in our journey.

    An extract from
    a powerful poem,
    The Journey by Mary Oliver.

  • © You Can Never Lose me, Corita serigraph 1972 (72-19), Courtesy of the Corita Art Center,
    Immaculate Heart Community, LA
  • Life can be full of
    dreams and adventures.

    This picture
    ‘On Top of the World’
    sparkles with
    the magic of it.

    © Lucy Loveheart
  • © Keetra Dean Dixon
  • Daphne Sheldrick is
    an amazing lady. Despite
    adversity and the painful loss
    of her husband David,
    she went on to set up a
    trust in his honour and
    continue the work they had
    started; to protect Africa’s
    gentle giants and wildlife.

    Today, Daphne, her family
    and team work tirelessly
    to carry on this work.
    She is a great inspiration.
  • © Jen Renninger
  • A dose of daily laughter
    is good for the soul!

    This daily dog blog
    by Rupert Fawcett
    assures you of that.
    Albeit you may have to
    understand Dog!

    © Rupert Fawcett
  • This picture paints
    a thousand words.

    We can all do small
    things with great love.

    © Hannah Stonehouse Hudson
  • 'Everything is a Present' Wisdom from Alice, an
    incredible lady who aged
    109 still practised the piano
    for 2 hours each day!
    She survived the concentration
    camps through her music,
    her optimism and her gratitude
    for the small things that
    came her way - a smile,
    a kind word, the sun.

    Aged 104 and 98 she made
    two prize winning films,
    Everything is a Present
    and We Want the Light
    with Allegro Films.

    Truly Inspirational.

    © Christopher Nupen
  • A shower of sprinkley magic
    each day will put a spring
    in your step.

  • © asintended
  • Behind every face there is a story ...

    The Finding Grace project created
    by photographer Lynda Kelly
    celebrates the lives of people
    who have found the inner
    strength and courage to move
    forward. And is also run in
    support of the very special
    Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. 

    © Lynda Kelly