Workshops & Programmes

Yvonne’s workshops are designed to inspire. They include a carefully selected range of themes and activities to support change; for people with a desire to learn, grow and experience new things. Perfect for those that would like enrich their lives, boost their confidence and enhance their wellbeing. Working in small groups in this way, is also supportive and fun.

Relaxation Mindfulness Meditation

This is as an inspiring and informative 8 week programme (1.5 hours per week), designed to help you learn to relax, manage stress, and create a calm mind. You’ll get to understand and experience these three different practices and try out different techniques. An experiential programme, with discussion and practice work between each session. Learning to incorporate these powerful practices in your life will benefit your relationship with yourself, others and your health and wellbeing. This programme normally runs at Charing Surgery but can be run for your own group.

Introduction to NLP

NLP has rapidly asserted itself as a major force in ‘psychological-thinking’. It is used extensively for personal development, health, business, sport and education. NLP is a way to understand how you think, influence and change. In this introductory workshop you will learn the basic principles of NLP, practice some techniques, understand more about how NLP works and experience this powerful system first hand. This workshop can be run as a half-day or full day workshop.

What Will You Do With Your One, Wild, Precious Life?

This is a positive and inspiring workshop where you’ll use the power of your imagination to create more of what you want for yourself and your life. Using creative visualisation techniques, you’ll create visual boards (no artistic skills required) and explore feelings of where you are now and what you may want. Great for people who are going through change, looking to make changes, feel stuck or just know that this isn’t how they want life to be. This workshop can be run over 1 or 2 days.

Creative Journaling

Oprah Winfrey says ‘Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you’d never imagine’. In this workshop you’ll learn how to express your feelings through Creative Journaling & Creative Visualisation. You’ll try out different styles and techniques, easy for everyone to do and doesn’t involve artistic skills. The awareness it brings allows you to understand yourself better which supports you in bringing about change. This workshop can be run as a half day, full day or series.

Hello New Year / Hello Summer

In order to create good beginnings, it’s important to create good endings. Whether it’s end of the year, or mid-year, the Hello workshops allow you to reflect and explore your feelings on where you’re at right now, appreciate what you’ve done and create direction for either the year ahead or the rest of the year. Creating the space and time to do this can be very powerful. These sessions usually run as half day workshops.

Family Sessions / Small Groups

Yvonne will work with you as a family or small group to explore feelings about a certain subject and/or make plans for the future in a fun, relaxed and expressive way. Yvonne uses creative visualisation exercises for this, a powerful form of communication that allows everyone to openly express themselves. This usually brings everyone closer as they gain greater insights and respect for each other’s feelings. Sessions are tailored around what’s important for you and your own requirements.

For the Greater Good

This special workshop is insightful, thought provoking and energising. Designed to allow people to experience and better understand the rewards of contribution and volunteering and how they fit into a balanced life. Everyone gets to participate in volunteering projects and experience the feel-good factor that naturally accompanies doing good…and possibly a whole lot more. Yvonne has run this workshop at The Animal Retreat Rescue Centre, but it can be run with other inspiring volunteering projects.

The Healing Power of the Drum

Known to relieve stress this style of African drumming is fun, uplifting and good for mind, body and soul. Drumming is also used for personal development, team building and can be a great workout for the brain and heart. This workshop is run by Yvonne, together with Richard Latham, founder of Rich Rhythms. The workshop can be focused around letting go, confidence, playfulness, expanded thinking, creating energy or understanding the healing benefits. Normally run as a half day workshop.

Walking the Dog

Owning a dog has many health-related benefits, physical, mental and emotional. While dog-walking itself offers a host of positives; being in nature, taking fresh air and exercise, bonding with your dogs and other walkers and learning more about human and animal behaviour. A very relaxed workshop (not a guided walk), run in small groups, often in Spring & Autumn, in Perry Wood, Selling. A recipe for wellbeing inspired by Yvonne’s love of dogs, and the joy of seeing them all run around outside together.

Mindful Evening at The Flower Plot

This workshop takes place at Blooming Green, an enchanting flower plot in Kent. It’s one of Yvonne’s favourite places and the perfect place to explore the practice of mindfulness. You’ll learn different mindfulness exercises, the benefits and how to incorporate them in everyday life. This workshop includes exclusive use of the flower plot, mindfulness tips and flower picking so everyone gets to take home their own beautiful hand-picked flowers. This can also be run as an afternoon session.

Breathe Better

Many of us don’t make the most of the simple and precious function of breathing. In this workshop you’ll gain more awareness of how you breathe so you can make conscious changes to improve your breath and mental state. You’ll learn more about the physical aspects, how different breathing patterns affect you and how to use your breath to create better rapport with others. This workshop is run by Antonia Boyle, NLP Master Practitioner & Yoga Therapist.

Clear Space, Clear Mind

This workshop looks at the value of clearing and freeing you up; in your mind, your environment and life. Clearing up and letting go creates more space for the new and can bring a sense of order, serenity, completeness and pride. You’ll leave this workshop feeling refreshed and liberated with some insights and ideas on how to clear more space in your mind and life. This workshop can be run as a half day or full day event.

The Power of Positive Thought

The role of the mind and emotions in your state of health is a vital one and essential to the healing process. By understanding more about this you can claim a greater role in your own wellbeing. You’ll learn more about the power of positive (and negative) thoughts, the unconscious mind, the power of beliefs, the positive intention and communicating with your body and symptoms. This workshop runs as a half-day or full day workshop.

When I Love Myself Enough…

The concept of Self Care (or Self Love) is often misunderstood and is the key to living a balanced life. In this workshop you’ll understand more about what it is and isn’t, the benefits and impact of self care, what stops us, your beliefs and conflicts and different ideas and ways to develop self care practices that protect, maintain and improve your wellbeing. This can be run as a half day or full day workshop.

Managing Christmas

Christmas is often full of mixed emotions and stressful situations; lack of time, financial burdens, family tensions and over-indulgence on top of workloads and regular commitments. It can be hard to focus on the things that matter and it’s a time that people often get ill. In this workshop, you’ll have time to stop, reflect and think about how you would like the season to be so you can feel more positive, prepared and empowered.

Sessions available one to one, in groups, online or by phone.
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