Despite living in a modern world with more choice, affluence, sophisticated products and labour-saving devices, some of us can continue to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. We strive for more excitement, more pleasure, more stimulation and more ways to entertain ourselves. This can spiral out of control resulting in addiction. People can be addicted to practically anything from drugs, alcohol and nicotine to eating, shopping, work, gambling, gaming, social-media, self-harming and sex.

Addictions can wreak havoc on our lives and those around us, affecting our physical and mental wellbeing, appearance, friendships, self-esteem and future prospects. Most addictions serve to numb the pain, fill an emptiness or alter a state of consciousness. While the behaviour may offer an initial feeling of security or enjoyment, this is usually short-lived and a cycle of craving ensues. Addiction can lead to feelings of fear, guilt, shame and self-disgust. Negative thoughts and beliefs, lack of confidence, deep-rooted habits, stress, anxiety, depression, emotional and physical trauma, external pressures, a need for escape and unfulfilled dreams can all lie at the heart of an addiction.

Working with a NLP practitioner can help you to explore and understand the underlying causes of addiction, face the reality of your feelings and make positive changes to conquer addiction. Powerful NLP techniques can help to overcome cravings, create new behaviours and beliefs, enhance will power, boost self-esteem and set meaningful goals that will move you forward.

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