Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias can stop you doing the things you want to or need to – even the simplest tasks may seem impossible. They can limit your choices, hold you back, affect your confidence and reduce your ability to enjoy life. And as you withdraw from normal life the effects can be far-reaching, affecting friends and family too. Fears and phobias can seem irrational to others, which can put a further strain on relationships and result in feelings of isolation.

Fears and phobias are a reaction to a physical or emotional threat or trauma. The response is learned immediately, in one go, rather than over time. In NLP this is known as ‘one step learning’. It’s usually the body’s way of keeping us safe – self preservation. However, the mind can hold on to this response, long after it serves us. Often it isn’t necessary to experience the source of the fear, simply the mention of it or associated sounds, pictures or smells, can set it in motion. There are literally thousands of fears and phobias, including well-known ones like fear of flying, spiders, open spaces, closed spaces, dentists, doctors, hospitals and needles and many seemingly irrational ones like trees, rain, holes and even sleeping.

Working with a NLP practitioner and using proven NLP techniques will enable you to overcome fears and phobias, quickly and easily. The process allows you to identify triggers, recode the negative experience and extract any relevant learning that might be helpful. After that it is possible to lay it to rest and move forward. Usually it only takes a few sessions to remove a fear or phobia. More sessions may be required to create new behaviours or work on other things that may come up in the sessions.

This process can also be used to successfully deal with: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); any traumatised scenarios (eg. victims from war scenarios; emotional & sexual abuse; physical traumas in the body (eg. before or after surgery) and more.

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