Grief & Loss

Losing someone or something can be one of life’s biggest challenges, but one that most of us have to face at one time or another. We can feel loss due to a bereavement, break up, break down in family relations, retirement, redundancy, mid life crisis, menopause, children leaving home, move to a new country, conclusion of a project or even the passing of unfulfilled dreams.

We can also grieve when something we’ve anticipated doesn’t happen, like the birth of a child. It could be anything with the power to bring about feelings of sadness, emptiness, guilt or regret. People who are grieving can sometimes feel physical pain as though something has been torn away from them and they can find it hard or even impossible to move forward.

Grief is a natural part of loss, but unresolved grief can contribute to a wide range of problems, including lack of motivation, depression and chronic illness. Often people may feel they have dealt with a loss, but in reality they are just suppressing it rather than resolving it. Dealing with a loss can be difficult, but working with a NLP practitioner can help you to express yourself in a safe, supportive way. Proven NLP techniques will allow you to re-connect with good memories, come to terms with the loss and move forward positively.

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