Negative Beliefs & Patterns

Beliefs shape and create our world in many ways – impacting on all areas of our personal and professional lives. Our beliefs, determine the quality of our lives and what we do. It is through our beliefs that we interpret our place in the world and relationships with others. They can be passed down through generations, learned when we are children or formed as a result of influences from significant people or groups in one way or another. Sometimes we can hold on to these beliefs even if they are not accurate, do not serve us well or hold us back.

Negative beliefs and patterns can unconsciously sabotage our personal growth and fulfilment. If we believe exercise is ‘hard’ rather than ‘fun’ we are unlikely to succeed with our fitness goals or if we believe we ‘can’t learn’, that can stop us from even trying to learn. Identifying these limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs is fundamental to effective change.

Working with a NLP coach can help you to understand more about your beliefs and how to change those that no longer support you. This can form the basis for positive change across many different areas, from health and wellbeing, relationships, confidence and self-esteem to professional life, personal development, leadership, motivation and more.

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