Work Life Balance

The pressure of a demanding work culture and the focus on achievement can force us to work longer and longer hours. At the same time, the changing roles of women and men, the shift to digital and the move to working from home can all blur the lines between home and work. We can begin to feel like we are never off duty and struggle to maintain a balance. Often, people can feel conflicted or have a sense of failure at home, work or sometimes both. The cumulative effect of this pattern can be damaging to physical and mental wellbeing leading to stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, illness, problems with relationships and more.

And while we may think issues with work life balance are the preserve of adults only, that is no longer the case. The growing expectation on students to perform at school, college or university, through extra curricula tuition, activities and sport, means that children and young people can also be affected.

Working with a NLP coach can help you to understand more about you – how you engage with life, what you make time for and what’s really important to you. You’ll explore how you manage time, create boundaries, make distinctions between quality and quantity, create meaningful goals, simplify life, find time for relaxation and fun, and be realistic about what you can achieve. As you start making positive changes you will begin to achieve a better balance.

Yvonne also runs tailor-made workshops around work life balance for business, organisations and groups.

Sessions available one to one, in groups, online or by phone.
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